Dec. 15th, 2007

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Loving the new job. Very demanding, very interesting. Leaves me NO time for anything but work at the office, which is a pleasant change from undemanding prior position. Not that I realized how pleasant a change it would be until it happened.

Xmas tree purchased today for decoration during the snowstorm tomorrow. Whee. Is a good fit for the room.

Struggling to find KoL time since I always used to play at work. Picked up a BUNCH of trophies this ascension (which ends today or tomorrow, as I hit level 30 and get that trophy). Probably Saucerer to pick up level 15 skill and another level 30 trophy. Will be quicker with scaling Crimbo encounters.

Lots of reading time on the commuter rail, so I'm back up to 3-4 books a week. Experimenting with reading some of my e-books on my Palm, but the mobireader has a few issues. I'm losing a line (4-8 words) entirely almost half the time I turn the page.

Recently finished inventorying my comics collection (with help from [ profile] neo_blackwolf and posted it on my site. If I get around to doing my CDs, I'll have all the various mass media I own up. (No, computer software is another variety of media, so that doesn't count!)

Finished Final Fantasy XII the other day. Decent ending, but nothing spectacular. Hadn't realized how close I was to the end last time I put it down, or I would have put in the 2-3 hours a month or two ago.

Playing Wild Arms 3 for RPG time now. Decent story and simple/fast moving. Not fond of the action/platforming element, but it isn't too rough. Enjoying PAIN, which was a download from PSN. Neo and I bust a gut laughing at it, though it isn't too complex. Deeper than it seems, though.

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