Jan. 13th, 2008

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Mystery Under the Sea/Death in Silver by "Kenneth Robeson": Two interesting Doc Savage Stories. Renny makes an appearance in the first, breaking up the Monk/Ham grip on the series (I prefer the books with more than just those two of the Fab Five showing up). DiS is pretty straightforward action with a clever (if obvious) twist or two. MUtS has some very fantastic elements and less mystery, but I found it more enjoyable overall, perhaps because of that, perhaps because of Renny.

Double Z/Mobsmen On the Spot by Walter Gibson: Good, solid early Shadow. I liked killing off a main assistant of the Shadow. It gives a bit of zest to the rest of the series...you can't always be sure your favorite character lives. Double Z had better deathtraps, but Mobsmen was zippier.

Meltdown by Charlie McDade: Part of the Executioner series. Decent, but no real verve. Still, anything is better than the previous book...which is the only Mack Bolan story yet that I actually couldn't bear to finish...it was just that poor. Which is going pretty far for such a formula pulp.

Over Sea, Under Stone/Greenwitch/The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper: Meh. Great imagery, but I despise fated books. Everything is pre-planned, the characters suddenly discover they already know the info they need at just the right moment. Everything is willy nilly and just happens. Nice plot, great imagery (worth saying twice), but enough with the coincidental solutions.

Swan Song by Robert McCammon: Panned by many as a copy of the Stand, but not even close. Society ends in Nuclear War, not plague. Great details of environmental changes, nice magic. More of a parable and religious story, though not specific to a religion. Worth the read, though unevenly paced.

Final Diagnosis/Double Contact/Code Blue: Emergency by James White: Great stuff. Sector General is a well deservedly classic setting. Prilicla is the main character of two of these, with a new nurse as the main of the last. CB:E reads a lot like early Conway, though not so medically detailed. Prilicla is wonderful as usual.

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