Sep. 27th, 2007 01:39 pm
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[personal profile] zeyr quick takes on the last few days of television that I bothered to watch (besides Red Sox games).

CHUCK: Looks like good, light fun. Considering it runs directly into my current fave, Heroes, I'll probably watch it most weeks. I won't stress if I miss an episode, though.

HEROES: I like the way they are handling Peter and the difficulties inherent in his (rather large) power level. Amnesia is good. Nathan's drunk comes off as less than convincing, unfortunately. The Bennett storyline is amusing and realistic, both. I wish D.L. was returning, as they criminally underused an interesting character played by a solid actor last year. *sigh* Didn't miss Jessiniki/Micah much. Hiro needs to read more recent 'serious' comics and screw his head on a bit, but I still love his stuff. :) I'm glad we'll continue to see Ando a bit, although I'd like to see him develop more of a spine/clue as well. Hopefully there will be more flashbacking so more George Takei can occur. Show us Sylar!

JOURNEYMAN: I'll give this another shot next week, but I was really uninspired. The main character has no energy.

BIONIC WOMAN: Middling. Too much setup is the problem, I think. Felt like part one of a multi-parter and missed a certain amount of potential pizzazz. I'll give it another few weeks to see how it works out, but I'm not really excited by it yet.

Other shows: Looking forward to seeing Blood Ties return mid-October. Heard some good things about Reaper on the CW. May try to watch that tonight on its re-run. Nothing else that really looks exciting out there for me.
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