Sep. 5th, 2007 08:43 pm
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Anyone local have a copy of Angel Season One (and possibly Two) that I could borrow for a few weeks? Jet and Talandra don't actually like the show much, surprisingly enough. I definitely want to give it a try myself.

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I think I'll just toss out some bullet points, since it is simpler and I am far behind. :)

Fantastic weekend in Balt/DC. Some great conversations with [ profile] gingerfly42 and the culturesnob (who is patient with unruly children and a great conversationalist). [ profile] neo_blackwolf only made us want to kill him about half the time. :) (He had fun, but he was quite unruly at points.) Spent time just Neo and I touring monuments and the National Air & Space Museum. Attended Sunday's game and eating and various rambling all together. Learned we cannot stay up as late as we could in college without paying for it. ;)

Mostly relaxed since. Hung out with A.V. some. Read lots.

Introduced Neo to one of my all time guilty pleasures tonight (Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon). Hey, he said he wanted a silly/exciting movie! :)

Prepping for NERO Mass this weekend. Need to go buy makeup/elf ears, as I'm playing my Sarr (/me waves at [ profile] kajivar) and Neo will be playing a wild elf.

School starts next Wednesday. Neo isn't sure whether he finds that good or bad. :)

Life is fairly surreal right now and new reasons to feel that way keep zipping around the corner. I think I am in strong need of a job to get things back on track. :)
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Well, I'm off to melt in the Baltimore/DC area for the weekend with [ profile] neo_blackwolf. Mildly nervous about seeing [ profile] gingerfly42 and the culturesnob, but in a good way. Chosen family, need to feel approval, showing off the cool kid...that kind of thing.

Hoping everything went well yesterday for [ profile] trink, but I don't see Neon around to harass, which means I know nothing until after the weekend unless I dig out their phone number from wherever I managed to misplace it. Which I may try to do before I leave...hrm.

Alright, time to start shutting down and confirming I didn't forget to pack something critical. Picking up Neo's filled prescription from the pharmacy on the way to the airport and then off to the races. I don't expect to be online again until good, everyone! :)


Jul. 30th, 2007 01:50 pm
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Okay...I am now theoretically back. Of course, I'm sick, which pisses me off to no end.

Spent the week at Boy Scout Camp with [ profile] neo_blackwolf's old troop. He completed the Wilderness Survival and Archery merit badges, despite massive issues with new meds (back on the old ones now!). I wish Malden was closer. The leadership for Troop 613 is dedicated and excellent (well, mostly...1 parent I could do without). We're definitely going to look for another (better) troop in this area, though. I'll be contacting the district leadership about contacts (and about repetitive use of the word contact) later this month.

Still have to finish paperwork for my layoff, due Thursday (which is my actual separation date). Need to get it in the mail today or tomorrow at the latest...certified, I think. Having been sick since I woke up yesterday has certainly hurt my motivation and pacing...staying up to ridiculous o'clock Saturday waiting for Neo to be picked up didn't help, sadly.

Speaking of Saturday, Neo enjoyed dinner at Firefly's and his birthday loot. He's 12 now! Loot from dad included: 1GB MP3 player (which he filled from my CD rips on Saturday night for his travels), The Pilgrims of Rayne, Essential Thor vol. 1, a Snap Circuits kit, Ben 10 Season One.

Okay...feeling well enough to be productively at the computer shouldn't be wasted. Time to respond to a few emails, contact the person at the office responsible for getting me my personal files, work on updating my resume and ...hope I feel well enough to head out food shopping soon. I have very little in the house, having let it run low before heading out of town for a week with the Scouts!

Almost 2 weeks sans Neo, while he is at the shore with his mother and/or grandmother ...hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on the job hunt. Then a long weekend with him in Balt/DC, where he gets the pleasure of meeting [ profile] gingerfly42 and the culturesnob!
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Whee...going to see it with the last 30 min in IMAX 3D with [ profile] neo_blackwolf, [ profile] talandra and [ profile] jetshade on Saturday morning at 10:15. Nice having an IMAX theatre close by sometimes. :)
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Had a grand, relaxing weekend with [ profile] neo_blackwolf. He played a lot of Kartia. We hit the gym, watched Farscape and Die Hard, played Talisman, sparred and went out for a bike ride. He did more chores than usual and didn't complain a bit. Quite a nice, relaxing time.

The next weekend that I have him is the start of Scout Camp up in NH, at which point will commence a week of complete distance from the internet and any other contact with the world. Plus coooold showers. :) Should be good fun, though. In the interim, however, we need to finish getting things together for the camping. Mayhap we'll visit the troop we are going with tomorrow night...hand off paperwork and see them before camp.

My sleep schedule is way off. Got up yesterday, dropped Neo off at [ profile] jetshade's and then went back home to throw up, call in to work and go back to bed. Slept most of the day and wound up sleeping (at best) fitfully last night as a result (although I feel significantly better).

I definitely want to see more people before the summer is out, though time is getting short. Lets see...this weekend I'm on pager and busy making sure the house is in shape to be abandoned for a week. Follow that with a week at Scout Camp. Neo will be at the shore with his maternal grandmother for much of the next two weeks, followed by a weekend in Baltimore with me (Red Sox game and seeing [ profile] gingerfly42 and her hubby). A weekend off, then a week of lounge around the house style vacation followed by a NERO event.

I guess I have enough free time to see some folks, but it does kind of limit the chances to visit folks with Neo. Guess we'll just see what shakes out...which likely means I slack off and nothing happens...I know me. :)


Jul. 2nd, 2007 11:33 am
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A nice quiet weekend. Relaxed at home Friday night after working out. Read. Watched some baseball.

Saturday, I spent the morning rearranging closet space (including my outdoor storage closet. Soulsdark came to visit around lunchtime and we watched a bunch of movies and 2 more episodes of The Unit (season 1). Good times.

Sunday I spent much of the day reading. Worked out very hard (can still feel it today in the upper body). Watched a couple of movies and the Sox game. Worked a little on weaponmaking.

Tonight I think I shall watch more baseball and possibly some Babylon 5 after visiting the gym (just the exercise bike for cardio today, I think I'll avoid my usual cross-trainer in order to give the arms/shoulders a break). Work more on some weaponmaking and/or packets. Clear out Sunday's dishes from the sink and get them into the dishwasher. Maybe run some laundry, assuming I pick up quarters to dry them.

Tomorrow should be a short day at work, then off on Wednesday. Wheeeee.
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This weekend, [ profile] neo_blackwolf and I have (in no particular order):

Bought him 5 new pairs of shorts that actually fit, a new swimsuit, a new shirt and a bunch of undies. We both bought socks.

Enjoyed the condo ice-cream party.

Worked out (me Sat/Sun, him Sun).

Watched Terminator 3.

Gotten to bed on time every night.

Been CPR/AED trained/certified.

Played a few games of Talisman.

Sparred a bunch of times (boffer weapons - he's training lefty longaxe/board to start).

Biked out for chinese.

Talked more than usual.

Watched the Red Sox.

Housecleaned some (caught up on laundry/dishes, cleaned my bathroom and some of his room).

Found his misplaced glasses.

I now have Xanadu on (horrors...train wreck quality...) while he gets ready for bed.
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Jun. 18th, 2007 10:23 am
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Any recommendations for inexpensive garb out there? I'm looking to buy a few shirts for [ profile] neo_blackwolf and don't want to spend too much on something he might rapidly grow out of (we'll probably go with tights or sweats for leggings, mass market for the win!). (I'd loan him mine again, but the collars are really too large for his smaller shoulder width...he was really swimming in the one I loaned him previously.) I also may be looking for someone who can do a custom tabard (sturdy enough for heavy boffer combat, of course) later in the summer with 3-4 week's of warning before I need it.

Luckily, most of my old garb is still in good shape, though I'm jonesing for some of the accessories that seem to have vanished over the years. :(

Speaking of clothing reminds me that it is time to take him shopping for (at least) socks and underwear again, as he continues to grow out of things...
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A lot of work, some playing of games. Quiet, really.

Had to work (from home) yesterday 6:30am - 11am, which was followed by being trapped in the house watching movies. (Trapped by stomach issues, not the movies...)

Today, I worked on some housecleaning projects and made progress. No longer does my place look like a plumbing store exploded in the living room (NERO weapon construction detritus now under control and going to stay that way). I got some cleaning done in [ profile] neo_blackwolf's room as well, in addition to multiple laundry loads.

[ profile] jetshade and [ profile] talandra took me out to lunch for a combination of my birthday (yesterday) and father's day. Presents from both them and the Neo (gift cards, a book of Boston sports debate questions and a home-made personalized frame with pictures from the Parents/Kids soccer game where I was contesting with Neo). I then received the kid for the rest of the day (Yay!) and we did shopping. I spent the gift cards (PotC 1 & Casino Royale on Blu-Ray, Batman: The Long Halloween and Creepers by David Morrell), stopped at Lowes for some weapon-making supplies I needed and headed home. We swam, played tennis briefly, had dinner and Fluxx, then watched T2. Kid is bedded down and ready to start attending summer camp in the morning.

I shall work a tad more on weapons, maybe watching an ep or B5 in the background and then shall sleep, perchance to dream.
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No, I don't mean that in a bad way. :)

Friday night was a bit rough, as it mostly consisted of pushing [ profile] neo_blackwolf to finish up a last school project. Things got better, though.

Saturday am we slothed (yes, dammit, that is a word!) about the house with computer games and reading. In the afternoon it was off to the wild wetness to play the last soccer game of the season. Yes, we were drenched. Yes, the rain slowed to a halt early in the second half. Yes, they lost 6-1. But they had fun, drank hot chocolate and played hard. Neo was really aggressive in the first half, playing as a forward/midfielder. He played goal in the second half and did quite respectably, though not fantastically.

We rushed home to dry. I made Neo take a hot shower just to warm up, since he had been soaked through. My trenchcoat, nearly soaked through (but not quite) took up residence on a chair back in order to dry. Off we went for dinner at Fire and Ice, which was great. This was the first time there for both of us, though we had heard great things about it from [ profile] jetshade and sundry others. I ate meat. I ate much meat. ;)

From dinner, off to the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra performance at the Regent Theater in Arlington. A fantastic show. Some of the covers were a bit jarring. Mostly this was when their version was too close to the original and the voice artist featured on that song wasn't quite "right". However, their original music was excellent. Some of their covers were nearly spot on, such as 'Under Pressure' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' (among others) was better than the original (and the featured singer on YCAGWYW worked the stage hard!). 'Mean Mr. Mustard' and 'Because' were also very strong renditions (and MMM featured my friend A.V.). 'Everything's Alright' from Jesus Christ Superstar (URO has done a version of the musical) was nailed. One late highlist was a performance of 'Flash' (yes, Queen's song from the terribly campy movie) with just the right 1-degree-short-of-sniggering cut-ins with the lines from the movie included in the song.

These guys worked really hard to put on a good show and it even dragged an older-skewing audience (I'd say over half of them were measurably older than I am) to their feet to rock a number of times. Neo and I will both be happy to see their show again when next they perform...we got far more than our money's worth.

Today was the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Faire. An interesting concept with boffer combat allowed under very simple rules during the faire. Neo truly enjoyed that. :) I entered the Sword/Shield competition and was eliminated in the second round. Sadly I wound up randomly in the bracket with probably the top two competitors and met one of them in the second round, losing 5-3. I was probably actually third or fourth best out of the 16 fighters...not bad for just getting back into fighting after 5 years off.

Sadly, I did not find much in the way of quality garb for sale, which was a prime reason for attending. Neo and I could both use some costuming. Ah, well, I'll trundle on and find some somewhere. I did get Neo a nice leather pouch.

One large pleasure was running in to Dave D (Dark). I haven't seen him since Dark became a lich in Nero (96?). We always got along well and have plans to meet up and hang out sometime this summer, having traded cell #s. Another joy was a performance by Kendrick von Brumbach, who is always fun to listen to. I missed out on most of the performances between shopping and the competition, but that was worth rushing to from the first round of fighting.

I think I need more weekends like this. Too many lately have been focused on late homework or running errands. A resolution, sir! Now lets stick to it!


Jun. 3rd, 2007 11:40 pm
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Lovely relaxing weekend. Of course, I didn't half get done what I planned to get done, but I can play catch-up over the next couple of nights.

I did get a lot farther along with Babylon 5. I'm into the 4th season now.

Neo's soccer team tied on Saturday. They are 2-1-1 since they moved to a more appropriate division.

Had a very pleasant brunch and social time today. [ profile] rafaela, [ profile] slipjig, [ profile] shadesong and others whom I only know by real name were fantastic company. Drove 'song home afterwards and socialized quite happily with [ profile] yendi while she caught up a bit with life and went off to nap. Their apartment is, as has been said, quite nice. I've promised to attempt to visit more often...and am trying to bribe them to come down my way and enjoy my home theater. (I suppose I could call it the Monster Penis System East, but I think [ profile] theferrett has trademarked that name. :) )

Next weekend still looks exceedingly busy, hopefully in a pleasant manner. I'm really looking forward to the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra, especially with [ profile] stevie_stever's mark of approval. :) Okay, long stressful work week ahead of me, so off to bed.
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3 nights in a row I've been woken up after going to sleep. 2 were legitimate pages from my office (I'm on support pager for the Windows Servers this week) and 1 was from our hosting company about patching work that was happening outside of my requested window, which inspired a fair quantity of polite indignation. None of the calls ate up more than an hour, but I hate disrupted sleep.

Watched [ profile] neo_blackwolf in the play/musical "Honk, Jr." at school last night. He's going to ask for a bigger role in next year's play, after specifically requesting a small role this year. Took him out for icecream afterwards (along with [ profile] jetshade and [ profile] talandra who actually bought him HIS icecream :) )

At least this looks like a quiet weekend. Some household chores, watching tv/movies, playing videogames, updating my collection data on my website. No Neo, so I'll just see him at his soccer game tomorrow. Maybe meet up with some out-of-towners on Sunday if I can drag my ass there - I'm still on-call, so who knows what my availability/sleep schedule will be - ([ profile] rafaela and [ profile] slipjig are the main poor folks who may be inflicted with my company).

Next weekend, on the other hand, is just chock full of excitement. Friday night should be quiet, probably involving some Farscape or similar entertainment. Saturday includes the last soccer game of the season for Neo, dinner out somewhere in the general vicinity of Arlington and "A Night at the Rock Opera" at the Regent Theater in Arlington. Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra should be a good show. Neo and I know one of the 18 singers in the group, even.

Sunday we'll probably head to The Silver Kingdom Renaissance Faire for some shopping and relaxation. I hate to go on the last day, but we just don't have the time on Saturday.

Sunday night we meet up with Neo's Boy Scout Troop from Malden (whom we are attending Scout Summer Camp with) for the camp swim test in Milton (Camp Sayre). It'll be nice to see them again.

On the 8th day, we'll rest. ;)
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Busy, so we'll turn this into bullet points...

* Just passed the halfway point watching Season 3 of Babylon 5.

* My firewall died. *sigh* Will have to try to fix tonight...was too lazy to do so over the weekend.

* Watched Gymkata. Just as cheesy as remembered. I didn't recall the jump cuts in the middle of some of the gymnastic moves which emphasized that it was even more unrealistic than I recalled.

* [ profile] neo_blackwolf was sick on Monday. :(

* Neo kicked some serious butt in his time in goal during the soccer game Saturday. His team lost 7-3...the half he spent in goal ended with them down 2-1 and him having covered for the defense with spectacular (for his age) saves at least 5-6 times.

* Cooked Mexican Tortilla Soup for dinner yesterday. Yum!

* Swam at least once every day. Hooray for the condo pool being open!

* Played Gauntlet 2

* The PS3 now has DVD upconversion. Nice! And can access networked media servers. If the software I can get works smoothly, I may be able to stop using my PoS Helios X3000 Network Media Player (whose latest firmware update is a step back in functionality - ie, it crashes more). That would be nice, if depressing that I purchased a multi-hundred dollar doorstop. Maybe someday their firmware will work and it'll make a nice secondary system.

* Read a bunch this weekend. Helped Neo finish cleaning his room, though it is already beginning to degrade. ;)

* Multiple bike rides with Neo. I think he may be too tall for his current bike. *sigh* Admittedly, lots of kids ride dirt bikes they are way too large for with no stress, but I think he'd be happier with a better sized bike. Will consider.

* Only hit the gym on alternate days for the last week. Bleh. Need to get back to daily visits, just alternating on the resistance work. Disappointingly, I haven't lost weight in the last couple of months, but the increase in base fitness level has been tremendously thrilling.

* Almost done with my final of the 6 Oxycore in KoL. Just in time for NS13. Phew! :)

* Back to work.
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no "jiggity jig", sorry. ;)

Working from home today, with the van back in the shop for the rest of the work. Not sure it will be done in time to pick [ profile] neo_blackwolf up from school in it, so I dropped his bike off at school with him this morning. If the van isn't ready, I'll bike over and we'll have a pleasant afternoon ride home. I'll have to carry his Saxophone, as he isn't a good enough biker to do so, but he can handle his own backpack. :)

I think he's hoping the van isn't back from the shop.

The ride home from the shop was a good wake up exercise for work...which I am now going to focus on.

Days Off

May. 23rd, 2007 11:35 am
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A quiet day off yesterday while I had my car looked at (inspection due this month). Due to the location of my mechanic, it is a 4 mile mildly hilly bike ride home after dropping it off and then back to pick it up...that was pleasant.

I relaxed around the house most of the day, puttering at nothing in particular and just enjoying the time off. Watched XXX and Hostel and was drastically underimpressed by both. Hostel was a setting looking for a plot and backstory. Better acting would have been a bonus as well. XXX was just basically mediocre and I found Vin Diesel's performance uninspiring.

Re-read King Kelson's Bride. I would enjoy seeing more of Kelson and Araxie rather than Kurtz writing more backstory with Alaric Morgan. Not that I'd buy any of them in hardcover anyway...

Finally found a copy of Grandmaster, a fascinating semi-supernatural thriller from the late 80s. I enjoyed reading it again, not having had a copy since the early 90s. (It was less impressive this time around, but still a good read). Time to try and track down the sequel, which I've never actually seen. Should be interesting. I am again grateful to for easy access to some of these out of print books...

Aside from that some laundry done and worked out. Kinda unproductive in general. That is something of the way with days off, though. Oh, right...a few more episodes of Babylon 5 were watched. I'm into the 3rd season now.

End result on the car is that it goes back in for more work Thursday, when I'll have to work from home, I guess. New catalytic converter, on top of the new tires and alignment that needed doing. *sigh* /me watches the bank account dwindle.
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Uh-oh. 10 days since my last post. So much for best laid plans of keeping up to date. :)

Followed through on plans last weekend. Spent a lot of time running patches. This week I watched a good chunk of Babylon 5 and worked on a project at work restoring some old data from an acquired company. This weekend I spent Friday night and Saturday at NERO MA Ravenholt (in the rain). Found the glove I had lost at the last Ravenholt event, which made me happy. Roleplaying role on Friday night. Much of Saturday crunching in a module, spending time with Rick P, who had turned up to run said module. (Which was altogether tons of fun, since he is a terribly fun person!) I think we provided an excellent combat challenge and I got to work on both my fighting and my casting muscles extensively.

Saturday night another RP role who is likely to be seen around again. A Vole Scaven (and not from a Vale, Elsharra! :P ).

I headed home around 11:30 Saturday night, getting there around 12:30. To bed! I woke up with a cold and was at work around 8am for a full day's labor installing SP2 on a large number of W2k3 servers and a number of other miscellaneous tasks.

On a random note, I had [ profile] neo_blackwolf take some pics of our big screen (we have a 720p high-definition projector as our tv) to show a co-worker who was considering buying one. I'm scruffy in the one I'm in to give a better idea of the size (as if I'm ever not!) and the pics are pretty washed out by the flash and the daylight coming in the porch doors, but here it is.
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Laundry tonight. As well as finding out "How to stop an Exploding Man" on Heroes!!

Good Times

May. 11th, 2007 11:34 am
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A couple of good days this week. Work has been busy, but productive (MS Patches this week, which I'm in charge of this month). Read a lot of Liad, watched some sports, got some extra sleep.

Wednesday, [ profile] neo_blackwolf and I played about an hour of tennis after I picked him up. Homework, General Tso's chicken and configuration of cellphones followed. I also monitored some of our test servers patching and made sure all came up cleanly.

Yesterday, I picked Neo up from Theater Arts (Practice for the play at the end of the month lasts until after the late bus). We stopped at his mom's for him to do some chores. Thence to the gym, followed by 30+ minutes of tennis before we had to head in for other things. Homework was completed, some chores were done. Dinner was pizzas and pasta, more patching ensued (with the Red Sox in the background)...a mix of test and live.

Tonight will be a short session at the gym, followed by homework/cleaning and a lot of patching supervision for me.

Saturday includes soccer game, play practice, gym and more fun outside. We've actually been eating dinner on the patio, where he has also been doing his homework. Last night I put the central air on for a while, since things were a tad oppressive, but that shouldn't be an issue this weekend. Good times.

I also received a nice package from [ profile] dlighe yesterday. More pulp fiction novels for the collection! Yay pulp! Yay, dlighe!


May. 8th, 2007 10:35 am
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Ah...the Liad books are great comfort books (thanks again to [ profile] talandra for pointing me at them years back).

I just reacquired a copy of Partners In Necessity (omnibus of the first three volumes) yesterday. I've since read it.

I can't say that I was actually in need of comfort, but I was definitely in the mood to re-read the series. Great, space-spanning adventure, high style verbal political dueling and some excellent depictions of real relationships (of people who are a tad idealized above the norm, but that is pretty common of fiction). I'm a definite sap for any fiction featuring lifemating (see also Valdemar :) ).

I somehow managed to squeeze in viewing Heroes (good episode, but not great, for reasons I can't really get a firm grip on) and a cardio workout. I even went to bed and got a little sleep before work (only about a half hour less than usual...but I couldn't stop until the end of the book!).

I think I shall squeeze in Plan B and I Dare in the next day or so...

For those interested and not aware, by the way, Omnibus collections are being made of the limited edition Lee/Miller chapbooks. The first one is already out and the second is available for pre-order (which I have done). Good short stories, featuring characters new and old and with the smooth Lee/Miller writing style.
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