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I'm looking for a couple of hands to help me move to my new (rented) condo in Natick on Saturday, August 5th. I literally only need a few people. The majority of my possessions are already boxed and neatly stowed in a storage area down there, which I may or may not try to get that day. The rest, except as noted below, will be joining them before the 5th. It is about 50-60 boxes and a papasan chair, all of which I can move myself at a later date if necessary.

What I really need help on is the following:

Disassembling, moving and re-assembling the loft bed I built for [livejournal.com profile] neo_blackwolf
Moving [livejournal.com profile] neo_blackwolf's dresser, my dresser, my mattress/box spring, my futon, my desk (which is now going to be Neo's) and maybe my printer shelf.
Driving either the 14' truck or my mini-van from Malden to Natick (I'll drive the other...)

Possibly bringing a sofabed out to the curb for trash collection (if such has not already occurred).

I pay in food, drink, heaping piles of thank-you and the chance to see my residence before anyone else. :)

Obviously, if you're not local to Boston, thanks for spending the time reading. :)

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