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Ergonomics for the Immaterial

Or, How to formfit for ghosts

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Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:Natick, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:My Homepage
These days, people who don't know my real name know me as Kelyn Blackwolf, mostly because of my former work on AC2 Warcry. Others have in the past met me as EGO or perhaps Zeyr if you are an old time NEROtic.

I'm a gamer, editor, computer geek and voracious reader. I'm probably best known as a doting father, though. Just ask...I'll bore you about my son.

As a gamer, I'm somewhat on hiatus, except for console games. I was a desperately addicted boffer LARPer for many years, who is trying to squeeze in more time to play in the future. However, I am prone to desperate overcommitment, so we'll have to see if I can find time.

Writing/editing is a less frequently indulged hobby, unless you count my work on AC2 Warcry writing news blurbs and quest writeups. I have been known to work on LARP rulebooks as well for both NERO and nTeraction systems. I have tended to work security at Arisia and actually ran the department in '07, '08, '09, '10. I'm now an Ops Desk person there, after a year off.

I read: fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, mysteries, philosphy and how-to books with abandon. I also have a minor addiction to the pulps, both early and modern: Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Shadow, The Executioner, The Destroyer are the ones I'm currently working on completing collections of. We'll have to see where I go from there.

Hrmm...what else. I'm closing in on 40, a former black belt now out of shape, but working hard on getting back into it (down 30+ lbs between Mar & Sep 2006). I'm also getting back into hobbyist carpentry. My only religions are responsibility and honor. My largest obvious faults are distractability and forgetfulness...the rest I think I'll keep secret. ;) I'm generally identified as a dominant personality and I tell the world's worst attempts at jokes. Oh...and I have a tendency to write things like this piecemeal over an entire workday, lending them just the perfect amount of inconsistent and fractured continuity.

Cast of Characters:
My wife - fiddle_dragon
My almost 17 year old son - neo_blackwolf
Neo's Mom - jetshade
Jetshade's Wife - talandra

Everyone else should be understandable in context...or go read their LJs to find out who they are. :)
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